Workshop Empowers Young Leaders to Make Dignity a Reality

37 students and young leaders from around Europe gathered on Sunday 11th December at the Architectural Association School to get empowered in their pursuits of change. The day aimed to equip young leaders with an inspirational and useful tool-kit for their own projects, campaigns, etc.

The training session started with the young social entrepreneur André Hackett sharing his story. One of André’s projects is a mobile recording studio, where young people from the street including ex-offenders could record their music. “I tell my guys to help themselves by helping others. If you start thinking of others and helping others and go beyond yourself, you can deal with your own problems more easily” André summed up. He was convinced that “this is the best time ever in history to change the world!” and encouraged his audience to do so.

Tom (British Council) introduced the Youth in Action program and encouraged the audience to make use of the funding opportunities that the EU, through Youth in Action, offers. Many in the audience were very surprised that for decent projects money is quite easily available.

“Life is all about communication”, stated Rioch, who has 16 years of experience in TV, in the introduction to her talk. She started her project for disadvantaged youth So you wanna be in TV? after her son got stabbed at school. Together with her husband, who has 27 years of experience in the industry, Rioch wants to bring more diversity to TV and entertainment. She provides personality and career trainings for the unemployed, disabled, homeless …

The last act in our 4 hour workshop was played by VIP Minds. The participants split up into small groups to brainstorm a project idea by brainstorming concepts, developing a mission and vision. Adam (CEO of VIP minds) challenged the project groups to think about how to build sustainable relationships with funders and how to attract an audience.

Participants felt with a feeling of empowerment and the certainty of having gained a good network of like-minded and capable Ambassadors for Peace.


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