Human Rights Conference in Milano

On the 17th of December UPF and the Youth Federation for World Peace Milan organized a conference on “Human Rights”.  Mika Kanno welcomed the 20 guests and gave a short introduction on the purpose of the Youth Federation. The first talk gave a historical  and religious perspective on Human rights, given by Alberto Zoffili (UPF Milano). He spoke of  how in history human rights developed and how over the years the concept  of God has been “carefully and wrongly” taken out of the debate on respecting and defining inalienable rights to all mankind.

The second speaker was a young economy student, Andrea Valgoi, representing IRFF (International Relief Friendship Foundation) from Valtellina. He took the specific example of Moldavia, and his experiences as a young volonteer in 2 orphanages in that country, to express the importance of family and how the lack of such for so many youth is a seriouse problem in rights of children to grow in a healthy environment.

Last speaker of the evening was Dr. Emilio Asti, professor at the University Cattolica of Milan, expert in oriental culture and history. He gave his accademic viewpoint of the efforts to maintain respect towards human rights. At the same time he was very practical and expressed how it is an effort we must all make in our daily life. How it is in our actions and relationsips with people that the true respect for human rights starts. He encouraged all those present to push themselves to overcome thinking of the individual good, and to gain a wider prospective.

The conference because quite small, let those present to feel welcome and free to mingle afterwards and express enthusiastic desire to cooperate with the organizations present: UPF, Youth Federation, IRFF. It’s wonderful to see how common goals leave so much space for networking and constructive exchanges of ideas.

– Mika Kanno


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