About UNSAnet

With UNSAnet, the UN Studies Association offers a web-based social community platform for academics and practitioners who are interested in engaging in a virtual network that specializes on UN Studies.

Our Online Community enables you to:

  •   become visible in the UN Studies community by creating your own UN Studies profile
  •   share your research and teaching material with others
  •   search for people and topics
  •   find other people with the same research or teaching interests
  •   participate in or launch project-related discussions

Joining the Community and UNSA Membership.  Online Community members do

not need to become official members of the UNSA. However, we encourage you to apply for membership which is free of charge. By becoming an official member of the UNSA you openly support our working group’s goals and thus help us better promote our common case Read more.

UNSAnet Service.  As a member of our Online Community, you are entitled to access the UNSAnet and use all of its services (see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as attached); moreover, you will receive our newsletter. You can always opt out our newsletter services or cancel your memberships, which leads to the dissolution of your Online Community account including all profile information.

Our Services in detail:

  • your UN Studies profile including research and teaching interests
  • your personal cybershelf to upload any kind of UN Studies material you wish to share with other community members
  • your personal dashboard that displays all recent activities
  • list of all members
  • friendship feature to add members to your personal friends’ list or to invite others to join the community
  • private messages to easily communicate with other members
  • joint discussion forum to introduce and discuss UN Studies matters and topics

Register now to join UNSAnet!

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, if you wish to join UNSAnet. (We will ask you to agree with our terms and conditions, once you will have registered.)

Source: http://www.unstudies.org/


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