World Interfaith Harmony Week – Part 1

The value of interfaith for the UN

In the first week of February the UN and the world will celebrate for the second time the World Interfaith Harmony Week. With the October 20, 2010 resolution of the United Nations General Assembly

On the occasion of the 40 day countdown to the week-long celebration of interfaith dialogue and cooperation the President of the 66th Session of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, highlights the value of interfaith for the United Nations:

In our conflict-ridden world, I believe it is important to recognize the historical good done by people of all faiths in many of the areas of the work of the United Nations as well as the current successful partnerships in various parts of the world between UN agencies and religious groups particularly in meeting the humanitarian needs of disaster-stricken people. Such partnerships are indicators of the common ground that exists among religious organizations, and all of us who strive for peace and human development. (full statement here)

Al-Nasser recognizes that partnerships between faith communities and UN agencies in tackling the challenges humanity faces today. This resonates deeply with UPF’s founders vision of an Inter-religious in the UN, so that the “internal concerns and conscience” of religious leaders can meet political leader’s “practical wisdom” in facing humanities challenges (see here and UPF’s resource page on the Inter-religious Council).

Next: The value of interfaith for faith communities (Jan 23rd)


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