An Evening with Sheridan Mangal


Tuesday May 8th 2012
7pm – 8.30pm
43 Lancaster Gate W2 3NA 

Please register on Facebook or at

What can I do to make a difference in my community, society or for my country and world? How can I find my calling?

Sheridan Mangal retains over 30 years of Capital Markets experience and has subsequently held influential roles spanning the UK, USA and mainland Europe.  With his exceptional roles and knowledge in the financial markets, over a period of time he has witnessed major changes in the wider attitudes and social dynamics, importantly, “the pressures, perceptions and influences that today’s youngsters are subject to.”  Consequently he founded SFM Foundation, an NGO that uses various initiatives and services to help young people in the community to reach their potential.


We are witnessing many instances of negative youth behaviour; gun crime, violent assault, gang warfare, substance abuse, etc. The reasons for which are lack of reachable role-models, discrimination, family breakdown, celebrity irresponsibility, etc. Whatever the causes, the SFM Foundation will always exist to facilitate the turnaround of disengaged, misguided and despondent youth.

We seek to continuously provide courses, seminars, workshops, forums and other interactions that will encourage youth participation and reveal talents that can cultivate self-belief and ignite a positive outlook.


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