An Evening With Sheridan Mangal

Universal Peace Federation Youth UK and Women’s Federation for World Peace Youth UK were fortunate to have an inspirational and moving speaker in their presence.  Sheridan Mangal who retains over 30 years experience in the financial markets, shared his experiences from both his personal and professional life, a meeting hosted at Lancaster Gate on May 8th.

From the age of 16 years Sheridan had entered the stock market trading floor, where he was met with racist taunts.  However he speaks of finding value in his work despite the racism and condescension in the 1980’s.  Through his exceptional roles since and experience in the financial markets, he witnessed major changes in the wider attitudes and social dynamics.  His experiences from a young age compounded with his observations of society over a period of time, he founded the SFM Foundation to mentor and advise young people on how to develop their talent in business.

Sheridan’s motive in life to ‘Learn, Earn and Return’ is what has continuously given him motivation to help society, in particular the youth.  It is the youth who are our future; they are at the ‘beginning of their life…revealing their talent as early as possible’ is important to ‘give them a sense of belongingto take their own decisions,’ and confidence that ‘they can be great leaders.’  He conveys his thoughts on how he has seen it important to retain a can do attitude when mentoring youth or when in a position to make any direct change.  It is this proactivity and positivity of giving and inspiring youth that has allowed him to continue his work of revealing talent.

Lastly Sheridan spoke of his experience of working with gang members and people with difficult behavioral issues, ‘exiting a gang is very delicate – they have exit ceremonies as well as entrance.’  Working with youth that are a mile behind is a better feeling than receiving a £50,000 bonus.  Through mentoring you get to see youth with no hope gain hope, and the success of achieving this is what has motivated Sheridan to continue his work.

Stay tuned for the whole interview.

By Meera Tailor


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