Real Rights: Let’s Make Dignity a Reality

The Youth Training Day targeted at students, graduates, Teamworkyoung activists (age 18-27), who want to develop their own ideas and the capacity to run initiatives. The Youth Training Day will feature training on human rights education, a project management workshop, leadership training, success stories and action for North Korea. For more information and to register please contact Tolu at

When: Sunday, June 17th 10am – 5pm
Where: The Royal National Hotel, Russel Square, 38 Bedford Way, WC1H 0DG London, United Kingdom
Number of participants: 40 – 60
Fee: £ 10

To the Facebook event.


10:00 Opening Registration
10:30 Session 1 – Welcome & Ice Breaker
11:00 Session 2 – Best Practices from around the World
1) Youth Initiative For Human Rights – Maja Micic
2) Restless Beings – Zeenat Islam
3) Islamic Relief – Lotifa Begum
12:00 Break
12:15 Session 3 – Leadership and ‘Being the Change’
Interactive workshop based on UPF Peace Principles
Bogdan Pammer, Youth Director UPF Europe
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Session 4 – Education for Human Rights and Human Dignity
Interactive Workshop on Human Rights Education
Ilaria Esposito – Advisory Council on Youth to the Council of Europe, Human
Rights Education Trainer
14:45 Break
15:00 Session 5 – Workshop: Project Management
VIP Minds – Adam Nazar and Shabnam Khan
15:45 Break
16:00 Session 6 – Workshop: Funding
Narraser Gordon
& Wrap Up
17:00 Good Bye

The Youth Training Day is part of:
Universal Peace Federation and Women’s Federation for World Peace

European Leadership Conference – June 15-17, London
‘Human Rights and the Protection of the Unempowered and the Dispossessed’


3 thoughts on “Real Rights: Let’s Make Dignity a Reality

  1. That’s really a great work for creating a capacity for everyone to think together. I wish you all the best for your all events and programs.

      1. Dear Bogdan,

        I would really happy to know about your events and of course, I will email you if I needed for more information.


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