In memory of Rev Moon

Rev Moon speaking to a crowd – a common sight

On the 2nd September, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon (the co-founder of UPF) passed away following two weeks of deterioration in his health following a sudden development of pneumonia. The 93-year-old (English age 92) was surrounded by family members who were comforting him and helping to make his passing into the spiritual world as smooth as possible. He had been the centre of thoughts, prayers and devotion from people all over the world who were concerned with his health situation and who had the desire to see him fully healed. For many, there was a strong sense of belief that he would see it through this ordeal considering he had overcome the odds several times before, including in 2008 when he survived a helicopter crash along with several other close family members and followers.

His life has been one of constant dedication to his mission and work. He has ardently pursued the vision of establishing one global family of mankind under God, our universal parent. Starting from humble origins, being born in a small village in what is now modern day North Korea, as a deeply questioning young man, he began to receive guidance from God on some of life’s most pressing questions. In his autobiography, Rev. Moon elucidates how his questioning led him to a life of deep prayer and reflection until he eventually had an experience which changed the direction of his life forever. He talks of an encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of 15, in which he found determination to offer his life to the continuation of God’s work on Earth. He spoke of how tearful Jesus was, lamenting over the tragic state mankind was in. A poem he scribed following this event captures the essence of his heart and what would become the central aspect of his principles which is to live for the sake of others and to do so with unconditional love (Crown of Glory). Another poem he wrote, ‘Total Investment’ (see bottom of page) inspiringly sums up his life or death determination that he expected of himself in carrying out the mission entrusted to him.

With his steadfastness of purpose, he consistently worked for just causes throughout his life, promoting moral and family values which could set the basis for a healthier and happier society. Through his work, he inspired millions of individuals to support his vision. As the founder of UPF and various other organisations connected to the aim of bringing a world of peace, it is crucial for us in seeking our own determinations and visions that we can understand what it was that drove this great man to the lengths he went to in doing what he did. He has lived an extraordinary and exemplary lifestyle till his final breath in this world. Investing his entire being for the sake of mankind. From his life, we can all learn the value of unconditional love and giving and so crucially gain the inspiration to do good actions for others in our families, societies, nations and for the world as global citizens.

We owe a depth of gratitude to this great man who could serve as a bastion of hope to many when the impetus for positive social and economic change has declined or gone astray. Without him, Youth UPF and the wonderful connections we have made as a result of this group would not exist if it were not for this man and the decisions that he chose to commit to in his life.

Crown of Glory:

When I doubt people, I feel pain.

When I judge people, it is unbearable.

When I hate people, there is no value to my existence.

Yet if I believe, I am deceived.

If I love, I am betrayed.

Suffering and grieving tonight, my head in my hands.

Am I wrong?

Yes, I am wrong.

Even though we are deceived, still believe.

Though we are betrayed, still forgive.

Love completely even those that hate you,

Wipe your tears away and welcome with a smile, those who know nothing but deceit, and those who betray without regret.

When I loved those who acted against me, I brought victory.

If you have done the same thing, I will give you the crown of glory.

Total Investment:

When you fight, you must fight with a clear goal.

Fight by pledging to accomplish this goal in front of God.

You need to have such a serious heart to die if you fail.

You must lead such an adventurous and challenging life.

Pray with all of your heart! Challenge yourself with a heart of dying for God’s will, then you will come alive.

If you are uncertain you will surely die.

I am always overworking myself for God’s will.

Sometimes my body is so sick I can hardly bear it,

But even if I collapse from exhaustion and die, that is God’s will too.

Therefore, I think it is only natural for me to die.

Invest all the power and energy you have!

When your own power and energy are totally gone, God will raise you up and you will be resurrected. That is the Principle.

If you challenge with absolute faith, God will be responsible for the rest.

Therefore, Challenge your limitations!

Challenge your limitations!

Challenge your limitations!


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