Journal from Oslo I: How can “Education for Global Citizenship” look like?

Oslo. Tomorrow Youth UPF we will host a panel on “Youth: Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Peace” as part of a UPF co-organized European Leadership Conference. I will have the great honor to host the session with four great and young Norwegian speakers, namely Ms. Hilde Ekeberg (National Director, Youth for Understanding), Ms. Nassima Dzair (International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations), Ms. Irene Incerti (Board member “Ung Dialog”) and Ms. Andrea Hellener (PRESS – Save the Children Youth Norway).

Below you can find the questions I will discuss with them and the conference audience. Looking forward to your comments. This is my first journal entry of a few covering this event. Watch out this conference has some more your related programs to offer.



Last October the UNESCO bi-annual Youth Conference was held in Paris. In it’s final report the youth delegates state:

We strongly urge Member States to ensure access to quality formal and non-formal education, including informal education, intercultural education, values-based education and civic education, as equal parts of general education;


UPF Europe’s Youth Committee strongly supports this call as key to a sustainibly peaceful society. In our youth session we want to re-emphasise the importance of this urge and discuss its implications. Question we would like to adress in our panel discussion are

  • What are key values such an education should be based on?
  • What are the attributes of “a global citizen”?
  • What role plays non-formal, informal or experiental learning in young people’s education for Global Citizenship?
  • Which roles should schools, governments, NGOs, community centers and families play?
  • Which contribution does my organization make to educating “global citizens”?

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