In a Café in Vienna: The Future of Russia and Europe

Are young Russians and Europeans interested in learning about learning about and meeting each other? Why? Why not? Should they? Why should they?

These questions were at the center, when yesterday one Russian, one Georgian, one Bulgarian, one Romanian and one Austrian young professional met to discuss the youth panel for the upcoming UPF co-sponsored conference on “Europe and Russia  – Partners in a Globalised World” (October 12th – 13th, Vienna).

We asked ourselves, whether young people in the region regard the partnership as essential for peace and security and as important to them – or is Russia in the eyes of many simply…

What is the role of images potrayed in the media and social media? What is the role of legal frameworks (Visa freedom, ERASMUS and Russia)? Is there a need for increased efforts intercultural education and exchanges?

… more question, that we will seek to answer on October 11th in a European Russian Roundtable for students and young professionals and during the Youth Panel on October 13th at the conference mentioned above.

We will also tap into the role of Intercultural Education…


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