Peace One Day 21. September 2012

Peace One-Day Blog

Narraser Gordon – Youth UPF Peace One-Day Project Director.

It’s the 21st Feb 2012, and I have just come back home from London after organizing the UK Wake Up Call which was calling on the government to invest in groups that are working hard, to reduce knife crime in the UK and stop putting money into schemes that continue to fail, while on the way home someone tells me about Peace One Day, so I go on Facebook and I have noticed that Peace One Day has liked our wake up call page.

So as I do, I do more research, I find out about peace one day and something just clicks, so I try and find a way to contact Jeremy Gilley the founder of peace one day, but for some reason I cant contact him.

So I forget about peace one day, until August when I am invited to the UNA UK Forum and Jeremy Gilley is a guest speaker so I book a ticket to London and I go and I meet him and I talk to him.

I then call Jeremy and I tell him about myself and I ask him ‘WHAT CAN I DO FOR PEACE ONE DAY’ I run an anti gun and knife campaign, I am part of youth UPF and I have my own production company.

So I email each of the teams and ask them what we should do and this is how we had 4 events in 3 Cities, Bristol, London and Oslo.

So in Bristol we decide to work with the young people that the S.T.O.P campaign works with, to put on a 5-a-side football match, between to rival gangs but to make it that these young people would have to work with each other we mixed the teams up so that each team would have a mix of member of each gang in them (is this campaigning suicide) well it actually worked we had a successful day in which we only had one incident where someone ended up in hospital but this time it was from a sports injury and not a stab or shot wound, and they have all signed a contract that on the 21st of September each year that they would meet up to do something together such as an mixed event in where they would together for that one day and not fight no matter the circumstances, we just hope that this works.

On to London, were Youth UPF In which I am a member of held a youth conflict resolution training seminar in which we had a group of young people from a range of different range of backgrounds from university students, to One Young World Ambassadors to campaigner to everyday young people they all came to learn and find out more about how to deal with conflict but also to learn how to resolve inner conflict which is a battle that we have to deal with on a daily basis. The day consisted of discussions and role plays, it was important to us as a group to make this day as fun as possible but also that you can learn as it is an important issue that we have to deal with so that we are able to move forward and not let our pass dictate our future.

Below is an account From Neil O’Neil about our Youth Conflict Resolution Training day

 The day started at 10am in Lancaster Gate with a series of introductions on the concept behind the global peace one-day campaign and from the organizer of the event, Narraser Gordon. Approximately 15 attendees participated in the event, with other attending via the live stream in which we had of the event. The first icebreaker activity revealed the diverse nature of the participants involved. Some expressed that they were drawn to the event based on an interest in solving global conflict, whilst others mentioned more of an interest on solving conflict on an individual level.

As the day unfolded, the participants could experience an opportunity to let go of them and to enjoy a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in which they created their own answers. The education provided by the facilitators was designed in such a way as to illustrate that the answers to conflict resolution already are present within the minds of those who seek the solutions. Whilst role-plays were a fantastic means for all those present to step out of their comfort zones, they also proved to be an invaluable educational tool. The role-plays gave the participants the chance to express conflict in a variety of ways, to then step back and reassess the situation objectively. In this way, they could come to formulate their own responses to the questions posed.

The versatility of the global Peace One Day campaign is both inspiring and empowering. To see grassroots events taking place all over the globe as a part of the same cause grants those who initiate events extraordinary creativity. As conflict resolution is so fitting with the topic of peace, it was certainly an appropriate event to hold in commemoration of Peace Day. Indeed, the outcome.

(to see all our pictures from the london event please view here)

So now we come to the part where we leave the UK jump on a plane and head over to Norway. I have a personal connection to Norway as in October 2011, myself and 12 other One Young World Ambassadors attended Global dignity day if you would like to find out more about global dignity day and what I got up to read here, but back to Peace Day and Norway, below is account from Christopher Osborn about the Dinner Meeting some of our youth delegates at the Oslo European Leadership Conference attended with Professor Yamanaka

 Professor Yamanaka was great, I only wish we had more time with her. I was amazed by how down to earth she seemed considering how high she has climbed, and she really seemed sincere when she wanted to hear from each one of the young adults sitting around her.  One thing in particular struck me, when she described scheduling her life between her family, work, and writing papers in order to be able to reach higher in the faculty hierarchy at the university in Japan.  She was able to unite with her family in disciplining herself to use the same 2 hours every day on writing papers, no matter what. It made me think of something Father Moon said, that he had to concur himself first before he can concur the world.  That she was able to work together with her family to further her career is a beautiful thing, and I really pray that we can do the same in my own family. Prof Yamanaka also shared how she disciplined herself in order to combine her carrier with domestic responsibilities and later also political responsibilities. She shared that according to her experience “a woman in Japan must work three times harder to get the same position as men.” This meant for her practically i.e. to get up at 4am for 2 month in order to do research and write papers. Prof Yamanaka explained to the gathered youth how she found strength for this and how she hopes that she could be a pioneer for others. Further more she pointed out how this attained self-discipline helped her later in her carrier, “Now I don’t get jet lacks no matter where I go and can do more.” The small meeting ended with time for all present to share about their backgrounds and Prof Yamanaka giving encouragement and advise to “these future leaders.”

To see more of what we did check out our video..

We have been talking about Peace Day 2013 so if you would like to get involved in our Peace Day plan which with the talks that we are holding already we all looking to hold a one day youth conference in which we will have inspirational guest speaker who are working if different ways to bring peace not just to the UK but to the world, please contact us via this blog or via email []

Keep an eye out for the plan and further updates about what youth upf will be doing for Peace Day with Peace One Day 2013

Click here to see pictures of what we did all over the world


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