On the days 19th and 21st of September the Interreligious Youth Council (IYC) was present at two events organised by UPF Milano and UPF Monza respectively.

It was a great opportunity to present ourselves to the public sharing on the topic of peace on the occasion of the International Day of Peace declared by the UN.

Milan – Société Humanitaire 19th of September 2012

The topic of the public event organised by UPF Milano at the auditorium of Société Humanitaire, at walking distance from the Duomo, was “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”.

After the introductory remarks from Dr. Piero Amos Nannini (President of the Société Humanitaire), Prof. Morris L. Ghezzi (National President of ILHR – International League of Human Rights), and Dr. Carlo Zonato (Vice President of UPF Italy) word was given to the spokesmen. The moderator for the event was Dr. Antonio Stango (General Secretary of the Italian Helsinki Committee for the Human Rights).

The profile of the spokesmen was medium-high. The presentations were given by the General Consul of India in Milan, the First Secretary General Consul of Senegal in Milan, the President of Suryanagara and The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines, a representative o of the Maimonides Foundation, the Residing Master of Ghe Pel Ling in Milano, the representatives of the IYC, the General Coordinator of Mani Tese Italia, and a representative of the association In&Out of the Ghetto.

The importance of an active action towards peace was reiterated by all, a commitment which should be shared and concrete.

Regarding the space given to the IYC, Hi-Seung Paulo D’Alberti, after receiving the word, introduced the initiative, the background and the objectives of the IYC. Afterwards the various representatives of the IYC read the common declaration on “The Contribution of Faiths for the Promotion and Renewal of the Family”, which is the result of the first meetings of the IYC, the commented it and they presented the ideas for practical future projects, which the group wants to bring to fruition in the short/medium period.

Monza – 21st of September 2012

On the occasion of the yearly Vigil of Interreligious Prayer organised by the UPF Monza, the IYC had the possibility to intervene formally at the Vigil itself and informally during a short colloquial meeting, which took place before the Vigil in the oratory next to the Duomo of Monza.

The IYC, during this friendly meeting, apart from presenting themselves and reading the declaration mentioned before, had the possibility to confront with the representatives of the civil society of Monza about the practical future projects which want to be realised. After all among the participants were present the alderman for education, some presidents and teachers of Monza’s schools and representatives of different associations. There were numerous comments and suggestions of the present people towards the propositions for the future of the IYC.

As IYC we hope to operate in close collaboration with the city of Monza which showed itself to be very hospitable and at our disposal.

24th of September 2012

Interreligious Youth Council


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