Journal from Oslo IV: Vilde’s Conference Experience

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending at the Oslo conference hosted by the UPF and the WFWP. I was happy to discover that it also would be an arena where young and old perspectives could meet. I cannot stress how important it is too include the youth in all matters. We are the ones, who will inherit the world and its challenges.


One of the most difficult themes of our lifetime is inevitable the matter of peace. I learned a lot from the conference, and began to reflect: What exactly is peace, and is a non violent world within our reach? As hopeless as it might seem some times it’s crucial to endeavor the battle for peace.

Young people play an important role in this matter. We may lack experience, but we have the passion and imagination needed to create a peaceful future. To think outside the box is just as important as experience. I’m honored to be included by the UPF, and encourage all youth to take a part in solving these challenges.

Vilde Serina Brunvoll
Advisor for media and youth 
URO, Plan Norway


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