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This September Youth UPF took part in the UN International day of Peace which was indicated by an Peace One Logoorganization called Peace One Day which was set up by Jeremy Gilley so we got in contact with JG and held a youth conflict resolution training day which we would not be able this this without the help of Matthew MacQueen in London and dinner meeting with Prof Yaminaka in Oslo and a football torment in Bristol between gang members

In the evening we attended a small group from youth UPF attend the Peace Day Concert where it was announced that they were launching a Spark Peace Micro funding project via give for youth.

Give for Youth is a global micro giving site that allows you to fund and follow the dreams of young people around the world. Be the spark of opportunity! Give for Youth is a Microsoft Youth Spark program, in partnership with Global Giving.

So with the help of Narraser Gordon our Media Officer we were able to put forward 3 project, which are Connect Youth: Support Youth Interfaith Council which is being led by Matthew Huish.

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 20.54.30

This Youth Interfaith Council will tackle narrow-minded religious fundamentalism, as well as challenging intolerance and misunderstanding between faith communities.  It will also explore the relationship between faith and politics, questioning the role of faith in society’s affairs.

Faith communities will be approached and the vision of the Youth Interfaith Council will be proposed to them.  This will invite community representatives to step outside the comfort zone of their own community and venture into a shared space with representatives of other faiths.  Even if faith communities choose not to engage, exposure to the project will promote the cause and hopefully spark interest.
For those faith communities which do engage, their young representatives will be given training in how to prepare and deliver statements that effectively communicate their own faith’s belief’s and teachings as well as responding to current issues affecting society.  Those communities who support the project and attend the main Council event will benefit from listening to the other faith communities.
Politicians, MPs and councilors will also be invited to attend the main council event.  By engaging in dialogue with each other, the politicians will acknowledge and respond to the statements offered by each faith community.  The faith communities can also understand and respond to the concerns of the politicians, enabling the faith communities to translate their beliefs into policy-making and effective campaigning.

Universities can create a Model UN; the Youth Interfaith Council can be recreated in schools and universities or even at the local government level.  The benefits of working with young people are obvious, but this model could also inspire a similar model of Interfaith Council for senior faith leaders and representatives,

The enduring friendships that will be created out of this project will last the lives of the participants involved. As a project, other communities can easily replicate this so that every population that wishes to create their own Youth Interfaith Council can adopt the model we create.  Just as schools and universities can create a Model UN, the Youth Interfaith Council can be recreated in schools and universities or even at the local government level.  The benefits of working with young people are obvious, but this model could also inspire a similar model of Interfaith Council for senior faith leaders and representatives, formalizing on various levels of governance a council of democratic representation and political discourse.

Formalizing on various levels of governance a council of democratic representation and political discourse

our second project is.

Help young people meet inspiring role models otherwise know as An Evening with – Run by Neil O’Neil and Rosie Wilson just some information about this project:        Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 20.54.56

As young people are going to be the future leaders of society, it is crucial that they are educated and trained to become competent leaders who will foster cohesion and peace. We believe that the most powerful educational tool is a role model, someone who puts his or her good principles into practice. We aim to raise awareness of such role models and to empower young people by giving them the chance to understand what inspires such socially conscious leaders to do the work they do.

Firstly, the project can inspire young people by giving them insights into the motivations of successful social entrepreneurs and activists. The live interview process will raise awareness of their personal background and upbringing, giving a very relatable understanding of what has motivated them to give back to society. This involves questions of personal role models, crucial experiences growing up, what inspired them to do the work they are doing etc.
Secondly, the project provides a breakdown of practical advice in order to give the audience insights which will enable to take initiative in setting up their own projects which will address social issues whilst giving them extensive leadership training in doing so. This aspect will involve questions of what they have done to practically achieve the things they have done, including the support of government, how they secured funding etc.
We understand that there is a limit to how many people can access a live interview. Therefore, we want to compile a brochure with a profile of each of the speakers, giving a breakdown of the work they do, a summary of their main points and what opportunities they have for young people to get involved in supporting their work. This way it also acts a means to support the social activist in their work by raising awareness of their work to a wide audience.
Firstly, this project will provide positive inspiration to young people today who will be the leaders of tomorrow’s society. It will help them to understand the best practices of current socially-conscious leaders in society and in doing so will inspire them to mirror the good works of such role models when they occupy such leadership positions.
Looking at the more current potential impact, this project has the power to mobilize young people to become more active within their communities by inspiring them to initiate their own projects, which can have a positive social impact. This will also foster greater leadership skills and social awareness, both being necessary aspects of competent leadership.

And also our final project

Films for Change – Run by Narraser Gordon.Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 20.56.49

Film is such a powerful tool and it is a something that everyone can relate to no matter what his or her background. Organised by the youth-led production company, 3domsouls, Films for Change will work with a range of young people from the UK to talk about the issue of conflict and what they as young people can do to create peace in their communities.

Films for Change knows that young people are more engaged than the media might have us believe. They are aware of the issues around them and have strong opinions on how to make things better. Sometimes they need guidance on how to interact effectively and to get their voices heard. Films for Change will work with young people to create films about the issues that affect them, encouraging young people in the UK to make a difference and to empower them to become leaders in their communities.

Talking about issues makes them real and encourages young people to come forward to share their points of view. These films with not only educate young people about key issues but also will equip the audience with the tools to express these ideas and issues to their wider community. This will enable them to work together to address these issues in a real and meaningful manner.

Each project has asked for a different amount of funding but this is where you come, we would like you to help us get our project funding, these projects are already up and running but the money we raise will help to develop each of these projects further, call it way that you can support the youth team with directly being involved.

So this is what you need to do if you want to help the website you will need, on the left hand side you will see a list of countries scroll down to the up click on you will see our projects under the names we mentioned earlier

  • Connect Youth: Support Youth Interfaith Council
  • Films for Change
  • Help young people meet inspiring role models

So wether you are in to Democracy, Governance, arts, culture or education there is a project that you can help take to the next level.

Please help Youth UPF take their projects to the next level and support the work that we have already started.

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