An Evening With Nicola Bailey

‘An Evening With…’ aims to foster peace and social cohesion by giving young people educational exposure to a wide variety of social activists and entrepreneurs who are fantastic role models for young people. This project is run by Youth UPF (Universal Peace Federation), a body of young adults who recognise the potential of young people to positively influence society and seek to empower young people with the necessary leadership and personal skills to do so.

Universal Peace Federation UK Youth Committee invites you to:

nicola bailey“An Evening With Nicola Bailey” – a Doing Well and Doing Good Project –

Wednesday 25th of September, 17:30
Come 17:30 for 18:00 Start.
Location: House of Parliaments (room to be announced)

Nicola Bailey is the assistant head of The Archbishop Lanfranc TEACH FIRST School in Croydon. Nicola has been working in an area of recognized deprivation; she leads a service of support for pupils, parents and teachers using a wide range of community services and volunteers. The broad focus of her work is aimed at community regeneration and therefore also offers work preparation skills and qualifications. Nicola is passionate to find solutions.

We will discuss the following points:

  • Her defining life experiences
  • What it is that motivates her to contribute to society
  • Advice for young people to make a positive impact in society
  • Discuss her passion and concerns about Children
  • How she could successfully secure funding for her project

The interview will be followed by Question and Answers and comments from the floor.

Doing well and doing good project:

“Doing Well and Doing Good” is a project in which we are seeking to compile profiles of individuals who have made a positive contribution to society. We aim to raise awareness of their work in the hope of inspiring people of all ages to use their successes and skills for the betterment of society. Crucially, we also focus on the motivating forces driving such individuals to do the work they do. Beyond this, they will give practical advice for young people regarding career choices and ways in which we can contribute to society.

Registration and Questions:


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