Malta Calling for Austrian Participants in EUROMED Youth Exchange

Call for participants from Austria: Creating Change – our approaches to peaceful communities

Date: 20/10/13-27/10/13.
Location: Qawra, Malta

Youth In Action

The Youth Committee of the Universal Peace Federation will be holding a multilateral exchange with eight teams from the Mediterranean region and Europe.

The exchange is targeted at young people (aged 18-30) from the Euro-Mediterranean region, who have been recently involved in youth protest movements in their respective countries (Arab Spring, Occupy, anti-corruption protest etc.) as well as young volunteers, who seek to improve their communities through means of community service. 42 young people and partners from Malta, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Finland, Egypt, Tunisia, and Israel will join together the project with the support of the Youth Committee of the Universal Peace Federation in Europe.

Therefore we are looking for four participants to form the Austrian team.

The Youth Exchange aims to reflect on the participants’ past experiences of involvement in community and democratic processes, to identify similarities and differences and to explore constructive alternative ways of engagement with society. It will encourage youth to think outside the box in expressing themselves and empower them to communicate these newly gained insights to their peers in their respective communities.

The activities will range from group discussions, reflections, short presentations, partner interviews, film production & blogging and role plays to explore the island of Malta, a workshop on social entrepreneurship and planning and carrying out a creative public action to get public and media attention for the exchange in Malta. The working language will be English.

Throughout the exchange everyone is asked to contribute to a blog, where also future involvement should be presented.
Two preparation meetings will be held in advance which the participants are asked to attend. The first one will take place in Vienna on 28/09/13.

Please fill out the application sheet below and send it to
Application deadline: 11/09/13

Call for participants from Austria
Call for participants from Austria Form

All the costs during the project are covered. Transportation for the trainer and participants to Malta can be reimbursed up to 70% of a maximum amount of €300. (Only with original receipts and boarding pass.)
Austrian nationality is not required, but possibility of continuous work with the other team members based in Austria is desirable.



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