Exciting time in Malta & plannning further projects

Images speak louder than words so do Enjoy the pictures so here we go. Lovely people to read more, watch videos, check the blog we collectively created in Malta.

 pa220318  pa260084

Hope you are doing well, we have recently returned from Malta from a YouthUPF project which went very well. Please have a look at our common blog http://creatingchange2013.wordpress.com where you can read about the participants experiences and testimonies including the 5 YouthUPF members that participated from London.

pa220041  pa220100

It’s been a while, some of us came from sunny Malta back to London. The time in Malta, was very educative, and helped us explore many of our talents, gave us time to reflect, with the various workshops, lectures, creative time we had. It pushed us to think outside of the box and solve problems as well as discussing world issues in a calm state of mind.

Many of you attended the brainstorming session we had just a few days before we left and as a follow up to that, we met up again so as to keep the ball rolling while the ideas are still fresh in our minds.

 img_7691  pa220118

As we had discussed various projects, this time we want to create a clear fundraising plan for sustainable income and to be able to fund our overseas projects.

We had a meeting this week: Tuesday, 5th of November, at 5:30pm at 43 Lancaster Gate

On The Agenda we had!

  1. Creation of concerts, how to advertise and connect people to raise funds.
  2. Moving forward , being self-sufficient for home and projects abroad.
  3. Sharing some activities to generate – clearer projects.
  4. Funding from EU & other organisations.

pa220295  img_7689

Everyone was encouraged to come with their ideas on paper. Short- term funding and long-term funding. I also have ideas/ presentations from the different Youth Exchange programs on funding which could be helpful to everyone. We are glad that all went well and we can now positively say we are moving forward with other projects. Including Jerusalem Next Month.

1459929_10151739195721603_342899285_n   pa260080

All together in beautiful bright Malta


Report by
Christa Kamga


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