European Youth Event: Personal Highlights – Part 1

Some thoughts and reflections from the Youth UPF delegation to the European Youth Event (EYE) held in Strasbourg, May 8th-11th. We represented Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Italy.

EYE Group

Honest Insights from Young Entrepeneurs

by Anja

The session about entrepreneurship at the EYE2014 in Strasbourg was led by active entrepreneurs which told their personal life stories revolving around success, but also failure. The five representatives gave insights into their lives and how they started their own business talking honestly about the struggles they had to face. The audience had the possibility to ask questions which were answered by the entrepreneurs. They were very willing to share tips and tricks in how to be an entrepreneur, honestly saying “either you have it or you don’t.”

More incredible comments and tips from the experts:
– Don’t be afraid of failure. It will only keep you where you are.
– If you get rejected by someone, offer and find a way for them to say yes.
– Follow the law but not the rules.
– If you want to create something do something which does not yet exist.
– Be courageous enough to look at your fear. Powerful and successful people are not fearless.
– You don’t have to know everything when you start your business. You learn it on the way.
– Find your passion and be really honest to yourself if you want to either be a follower or a leader.
– Don’t be an entrepreneur for the money! Money comes after a great amount of time and work load. Be an entrepreneur in order to create something which is also your passion.
– You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with.
– Choose your friends wisely and find motivating, supportive mentors to influence/ encourage you and ones who share your vision.
– The network is the most important thing for an entrepreneur.
– Remember, either you have it or you don’t!

Honest Insights from Young Entrepeneurs

by Carmen

Participating in the session “Smart Cities-Gaming ideas” made me confirm the crucial importance of working on a local scale. Even if it was based on a PC game being aware of what’s going on in our communities and being creative to find new ways for solving problems that was the center of the discussion. I felt strongly the importance to work to create ideals cities with more green,good and substainable mobility,good education,with energy saving attitude and last but not least healthy people in body and especially in the spirit.

Courage in Human Rights

by Bogdan

From European Parliament in Strasbourg, where the European Youth Event is taking place: I attended a panel discussion on “Courage in human rights.” Olivier Basille from Reporteurs sans frontiers ( pointed out that the EU experienced a negative trend in freedom of media and journalism in recent years.

The Russian Human Rights Lawyer Kirill Koroteev defending Russian activists and working with Memorial ( answered on the question of a young participant on “How can individuals from here (EU countries) help the situation in Russia?”

(1) Don’t allow your country to restrict your rights etc. Whenever there is a negative change in EU or US also other parts of the world will change towards the worse. Don’t allow your government to change or restrict your Human Rights.

(2) Learn Russian. This will broaden your horizon.


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