Althea Corlett, Malta.
Althea CorlettGrowing up, Althea participated in many youth seminars and workshops focusing on character building with special focus on the individual growth. Her interest in both the arts through dance and media education moved her to study Communications and Theatre Studies at the University of Malta, where she recently graduated / 2012. Althea also was working with UNESCO Malta as secretary from 2009/2011, where cultural and the educative organisation of events were her drive. As a teacher of Classical Ballet of all levels since November 2011 she has always dedicated most of her time within this field. This provided more  involvement within the youth section. In 2008 she also was an intern at HGBA a school in Washington DC, where she tought and trained.  Her involvement in all the latter provided a space where she found that through the arts their is always possibility for improvement for any individual in the body as well as the mind, understanding that working with people can create a space for them to  develop their potential and practise their interests. UPF Youth is now serving her as a base to practice her key interests.

Bogdan Pammer, Austria.
BogdanBogdansq studied Physics and Philosophy in Vienna. He worked at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He was introduced to community service and international peace work during his time at high school and is interested in the interplay of culture and ideology in shaping our societies, and believes in grass root initiatives and the power of young people. In 2011 after organising the conference Creating Change: Youth Perspectives on Peace at the UN Headquaters in Vienna initiated Youth UPF in Europe.

Joana Pereira, Portugal.
Joana PereiraFrom early age Joana was inspired by the UPF international work. The Middle East Peace Initiative that took place in Jerusalem, in 2004, had a personal impact on her hope for Peace and trust in individual capacity to erase historical resentments and break ideological barriers. Tolerance, love and forgiveness seemed to be the key values that made it possible for former political and religious enemies to embrace each other for the greater cause of World Peace. In 2006, moved by her desire to work as a diplomat, she began her studies in Political Science and International Relations, in Lisbon. During her studies, she applied for the Erasmus Program and had the opportunity to take several subjects in the University of Florence related to Peace Studies.  Joana graduated from the degree in 2009 and received an Award of Merit and Excellence. Since then, enthused by the potential of youth towards social change, Joana has been collaborating with a several European projects under the EU Youth in Action Program at the same time that has been working as a research assistant at the Naval Engineering Department of the Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon and working on her Master’s dissertation about Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Hakim Salem, Finland.
0As Human-rights activist and writer, Hakim (or Abdelhakim Salem) was engaged in the “Arab spring” from its very beginning. He participated in various events regarding its vital issues (eg. Youth and democracy, women rights and gender equality, interfaith dialogues … etc) and he worked with several domestic and international NGOs. Additionally, Salem writes articles debating the political and religion issues of Arab world in different journals (eg. Lana Magazine, El-Ray newspaper ..etc). His article (Haram Alikum; Shame on you) was one of the most popular articles during Arab Spring. In 2012 he was appointed as Young Ambassador For Peace (European Leadership Conference, Paris), and since then onwards, he represented Finland in different European peace events. Hakim is a dentist and studying his PhD at University of Helsinki. He likes dentistry because it is a mix of art and science that, eventually, can draw a glowing smile on people’s face. He says: Nothing is more relevant to happiness and peace than a true splendid smile! Currently, Hakim is the director of Youth UPF in Finland.

Keldon Alleyne, United Kingdom.
Editor-Photo_KeldonKeldon graduated in Computer Science before entering into the video games industry as a Software Engineer. He soon returned his attention back to his passion for global development, taking a leadership position in a project ran by Youth AID Lewisham, which eventually led to him joining Youth UPF.


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